Hi, I’m Angie

A Newborn Photographer in Bismarck, North Dakota

Hi, my name is Angela Gittel, but please call me Angie. I’m a wife, mother, business owner, animal lover, and plant lady. My husband is super supportive and an amazing cook. My daughter is so smart and like me in so many ways. We have two very fluffy pets, a black cat we have had forever, and an Australian shepherd dog who is like my second child. They both love cuddles. I’ve started collecting plants this year, and realized I don’t have enough south facing windows in my house. Our family loves to play video games, you may notice my Mario socks during your newborn session. I have a degree in Graphic Design, but choose to focus on photography. During my free time I like to bake yummy treats, work on puzzles, or anything to do with crafts. I’ve even made a few of the props in my studio.

If someone were to ask my favorite type of session, it would have to be newborns. I absolutely love to sooth babies into their adorable poses, and to capture the connection with their family. I have been trained in the specialty of newborn portraiture. I have had hands on training and continue my education online.

As a mother to a 9 year old I’ve experienced how quickly the time flies by and reminded constantly we need to cherish these moments. Nothing gives me more joy than to look at old photos of when my daughter was a baby, and thats the joy I want to give all my clients. These portraits hold so much meaning the moment they are taken, and they truly gain more sentimental value as time goes on.