Larkspur Daisy in Mandan, ND

Dec 4, 2023

The first time I saw Larkspur Daisy, I knew I wanted to feature it on my blog. This is an adorable baby and children’s boutique located in Mandan. The minute you step into the shop, you feel welcome and comfortable. The owner, Heather, is the only employee (besides her husband when she needs coverage), and she’s so helpful and kind. She’ll help you find what you’re looking for! 

Lucky for us, Heather took time out of her busy schedule to share more about what makes this boutique so special.

Larkspur Daisy

Can you share what your business is and how it started?

It’s a baby and children’s boutique located in Mandan, ND. We currently carry sizes from newborn to 5/6T, depending on the brands. I eventually want to get into older kids as my kids grow, I want to carry sizes for them!

I’m a stay-at-home mom and have been since COVID-19 when I was pregnant with my oldest. It worked out to stay home, but I wanted to do something.

People always say my kids are dressed so cute, so I decided to make use out of that! So, last November 2022, I decided to start Larkspur Daisy as an online store.

We took the leap and started online. This past June, a space opened up near my mom’s business, so we decided to go for it. We signed the lease and opened the store within the month. It’s been really good since!

Who does your business serve?

I love working with moms and even grandparents who love shopping for little ones. We’re located in Mandan, and while we have lots of women’s boutiques, there aren’t really any shops for babies and kids. 

We offer neutral baby and children’s clothes. Our clothing has a bigger investment, but our pieces are nicer quality and will last longer. Plus, because they’re neutral clothing, my son and daughter are able to wear the same pieces. My son has worn some of his bamboo pieces for 6 months because they’re designed to grow with your child!

What are your bestsellers?

Parents love my sensory Playdough kits. They are super popular, and I have a hard time keeping them in stock.  Earthley products are also popular, and moms love them. 

Parents also love our feeding items for babies and toddlers.

What makes your business special?

It’s a pretty small boutique, and I’m the only employee, so it’s fun getting to know everyone. I love getting to meet my customers and getting to know them and them getting to know me. I’ve even held someone’s baby so they could shop!  

I’m still a stay-at-home mom! So, I’m shopping for my kids, too, and always look for products and clothing that are functional and cute. My shop is only open on weekends and a few random days during the week so  (online is always open!) I can work from home and be with my kids. 

Kids are very welcome here. The shop has a kid area so kids can play while the parents shop!

What is your business’s vision for the future?

I’m hoping to expand one day. Currently, the store is pretty small so I do hope to expand into a bigger space. Opening the store allowed me to carry more brands which is exciting. It’s going really well so far, but I’m running out of room! It’s a great problem to have.

How can readers support you?

Please come stop by the store and say hi! I love meeting new people. 

It’s so hard reaching new customers online, especially on Instagram, so please like, share, and commenting on any posts really help. That way, more people can see it! 

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