When to take maternity photos.

Jan 25, 2021

Have you been wondering when to take maternity photos? Let me help! Read on for a few tips on choosing the right time to take maternity photos.

This is one of the most exciting times in a mothers life. A maternity photo session is a perfect way to document your journey into motherhood and the beautiful changes your body has made. Although you are pregnant for 10 months when you look back it only seems like a small blip in time. Getting maternity photos done can help to reflect back on those times, and remember how beautiful you felt and the way your significant other looked at you and your belly. These photos capture such a special moment in your life, and you will have  portraits to cherish for a long time.

When to take maternity photos.

Most photographers will recommend scheduling maternity photos around 30-35 weeks or 7-8 months. This will result in the most flattering photos since your bump will be nice and round at this point, but not so big that you feel uncomfortable and tired. ┬áScheduling them too early and your bump may not be as large as you’d like. Scheduling after 35 weeks you could run into the risk that your baby could come early. But everyone is different and these are just recommendations. If you are feeling good and are happy with the size of your bump, then that is the right time for you to take maternity photos.

When to take maternity photos if your expecting multiples.

If you are expecting twins or multiples you would want to take maternity photos in your second trimester around 24 weeks. Your bump will appear larger earlier on with multiples, and with multiples you may possibly deliver early.

When to book your maternity photo session.

It’s a good idea to start researching photographers early on. If you are planning to get newborn photos done too, it’s important to do your research and make sure the photographer you choose has been trained to safely pose newborns and has plenty of experience. Majority of newborn photographers also do maternity portraits and can be booked together. If you haven’t reached out to your preferred photographer by the time you get to your second trimester, I suggest that is the time you do so. This will still give the photographer time to plan your session and for you to try on their gowns or find a wardrobe for your session. Here at ADP we have a closet full of maternity gowns for our clients to use for their sessions.

Where to take maternity photos.

This really depends on your preference, and in some cases your photographer. Maternity photos can be done either in studio or on location. Here at ADP we have a comfortable studio and know of lots of great locations for everyones tastes along with a closet of maternity gowns for clients to use. We will go over locations and poses your prefer during your consultation.

Hopefully this helped in deciding when you should take maternity photos. Remember everyone is different and this may not be relevant to all pregnancies. Please reach out and we can decide together when the best time is for your maternity session.