Bismarck Spring Family Photography Guide

Apr 20, 2023

Spring in Bismarck, ND, is such a wonderful time! We’re finally done with all the snow, the sun is shining, and it’s a new season with our family. Fall is the most popular time of year for family photos, but today I want to share why spring family photography might be perfect for you. 

I’ll share why you should consider a spring family photo session, the benefits of a spring photo session, and how to display your images from the session.

Bismarck Spring family photography guide

Why Spring Family Photography? 

As I mentioned before, fall is the most popular time of year for family photos. That’s usually because fall means the holidays are around the corner, and families realize they need an official family portrait for their Christmas photo. 

However, spring is such a beautiful time of year, with lots of green and wildflowers for us to use as a backdrop. Spring isn’t as busy with portrait sessions, so I have better session availability. 

Another option is for a studio family photography session. In the comfortable studio setting, we don’t have to worry about the weather or timing our session with the sun. We can schedule the session around your family’s busy schedule. 

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Benefits of a Spring Family Photography Session

Document This Season – We’ve just emerged from the long winter. Did you look at your children and realize how much they’ve grown since the fall? Now is the perfect time to slow down time and document your family in this season.

Spring Colors – Everywhere you look, spring colors are bursting out! The spring colors outside make for a beautiful backdrop for your family photos. Plus, I love incorporating spring colors into your family’s wardrobe. 

Spring Sunsets – If the session is outdoors, we try to schedule them around the golden hour. Golden hour is usually an hour before sunset and makes for the best lighting. The sun sets much later in the spring, so we aren’t hurrying to get the golden hour sun! 

Everyone’s Ready to Get Out and Have Fun – After the winter, everyone is ready to get out and play in the sunshine. What better way to spend time outside than with your family? Your family will have a blast during the session, and we’ll take the portraits to prove it. You’ll always look back on your photos from this day with a smile.

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Perfect for Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day is coming up fast. What do you really want for Mother’s Day this year? What about family portrait artwork that you can treasure forever? Take time out of your busy schedule to capture your growing family. It’s a gift you’ll always cherish.

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Displaying Your Spring Family Photos 

After the session, display your family photos in a way that makes you happy. Is there a wall in your home that needs a statement family portrait? Perhaps an album with these images will look great in your living room. What’s important is that these images don’t get stuck on the computer or phone.

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Bismarck’s Family Photographer 

As a full-service family photographer, it’s my passion to help you document and display your family photos. I’ll guide you through planning your family photo session so that it’s not all on your plate. You’ll feel supported throughout the process with wardrobe guidance, location guidance, session planning, easygoing session experience, and easy image reveal and ordering. After choosing your favorite images, I’ll help you design your dream portrait artwork or album and take care of ordering it for you. Just another thing to check off your list! 

If you have any questions or wish to schedule your consultation with me, please send me a message here.