Bismarck Moms’ Biggest Worries About a Family Photo Session

Aug 23, 2023

With fall around the corner, many clients are reaching out to schedule their family photo sessions with me. I so look forward to seeing clients past and present. Every year, I improve my family photography process to make the family photo session more and more enjoyable. My favorite is hearing that the client’s whole family had a great time! 

As a family photographer and mom myself, I know there are certain worries on your mind as you think about a family photo session. These typically are a lot of work for moms to take on and require hours of her time to plan and figure out. Well, I do things a little differently around here. I’d love to share the top worries I hear from potential clients and how full-service photography handles that worry for you!

Here are moms’ top five worries about a family photography session.

Top 5 Worries Before a Family Photo Session 

1. How She’ll Look – This one is tough but very common. I hear from the most amazing moms who worry about how they’ll look for the session. Either wishing she looked a certain way or waiting to achieve a certain look. I’m talking about losing weight, changing hair, whitening teeth. The list goes on and on! I’m here to tell you that you look perfect just the way you are right now. I always want my clients to look great in their photos; however, if you’re comfortable, let me know any insecurities so that I’m absolutely sure to photograph you in the best way possible. 

sweet couple during outdoor maternity photoshoot

2. How Kids Will Behave – Worried that your children won’t cooperate with a photo session? Have a camera-shy child? Again, this is very normal! As an experienced professional photographer and mom myself, I know how to work with children to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. I have endless tricks up my sleeves to make everyone in your family relax and have a great time. Relaxed = HAPPY, and happy families take the best photos.

tips on what to wear for family photography

3. Planning Outfits – Planning outfits can be so stressful! You need to pull together stylish, coordinating outfits for every member of your family. Oh, and make sure everything fits well. This can be a lot of work, but I’m here to help. I guide all my clients through choosing wardrobe to make that part of the process easier for you. I offer a client wardrobe for maternity and newborn moms and am always available to offer suggestions. 

4. Overall Too Much Work – Normally, planning a family photo session falls on mom’s shoulders. She has to find a Bismarck family photographer, choose a date and location, find everyone’s outfits, get everyone ready, and decide what to do with the photos after. It’s hours of work! With my full-service photography process, my goal is to take as much of the stress off mom’s plate as possible so she can truly enjoy the process. 

5. What to Do With the Photos – You spend so much time dreaming about your beautiful family photos and preparing for them. I want you to enjoy a wonderful session experience that results in images you will treasure forever. After the session, my job isn’t over until your images are displayed in heirloom portrait artwork that is lovingly on display in your home (or office!).

how to design your gallery wall

Bismarck Family Photography 

I’m here to help my clients enjoy a seamless portrait session from start to finish. You deserve beautiful family portraits without any of the worries I shared above. My full-service photography process carefully addresses all of moms’ biggest worries so that she can actually enjoy the process and look forward to taking family photos again and again! 

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a quick chat with me, please send me a message here.