What to Wear for Fall Family Photos near Bismarck, ND

Aug 24, 2023

Summer in Bismarck is just too short. I feel like fall always sneaks up on me! Fall means back to school and the start of a new season. Many clients love to take a fall family photo to capture their growing family and get that professional photo done in time for the holiday card. 

In a previous blog post, I shared moms’ five biggest worries about family photos. One of those worries is putting together everyone’s outfits for the session. My full-service photography clients get wardrobe guidance to make the process of choosing everyone’s outfits easier. However, I wanted to share my best tips on what to wear for fall family photos with you here. 

fall family photographer

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos  

1. Start with Mom – I usually recommend starting with Mom’s outfit. As moms, we tend to have the hardest time finding an outfit, so starting with that one will give you a great start! You’ll feel better knowing that your outfit is nailed down.

what to wear for fall

2. Coordinate Colors, Don’t Match – Instead of trying to match everyone, choose coordinating colors. If mom is wearing a sage green dress, look for complementary colors like creams, whites, browns, etc., instead of everyone wearing sage. 

fall family photographer
 fall family photographer

3. Choose Classic Clothing Pieces – Focus on classic clothing pieces that will always look good! Don’t stress over looking “stylish” (unless that’s your thing!). For example, men wearing solid button-ups or polo shirts work great! Women can wear solid-color dresses or blouses and jeans. If you want to dress up, stick to the same solid colors and classic pieces themes! 

 what to wear for fall

4. No Loud Patterns – I usually recommend avoiding “loud patterns” in clients’ outfits. I’m talking about bright colors and big patterns. We want the focus to be on your family and not your outfits! We want your outfits to complement your beautiful faces and backdrop and not be distracting

Fall family photos

5. Layer – This tip is important for fall! Typically, I suggest avoiding too many accessories for family photos; however, because it’s fall, some clients want to wear scarves, vests, hats, etc. I recommend layering fall accessories so that they’re easily removable during the session, and we can get some with and some without!

 fall family photographer

6. Minimal Jewelry – Stick with minimal jewelry! Again, we want all the focus to be on your beautiful face, and we want these portraits to look always look timeless on the walls. Big, trendy jewelry will look dated in a few years. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to remove your Apple watch (don’t worry, I’ll remind you).

 fall family photographer

7. Shoes – You don’t have to really stress too much about shoes since they’re not the focus, BUT you’ll want to choose comfy, classic footwear for your family. If we’re taking your portraits outside, you’ll want to be sure the shoes are good for some walking too. Men can wear loafers or dress shoes. Boys can wear solid-colored tennis shoes. Women and girls can wear solid boots or solid tennis shoes. 

Studio sessions don’t need to worry about shoes! You can be barefoot.

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Bismarck, ND Family Photographer 

Fall is a busy time for family photographers! Whether you want an outdoor family photo session or want a studio session, it’s good to book your session early. This way, you can secure your spot with me and start planning your outfits with plenty of time before the session. 

Aren’t familiar with full-service photography? I’d love to explain the process more here. If you have any questions or want to schedule a session with me, please message me here.