Bismarck, ND Milestone Photography Guide

Sep 25, 2023

Becoming a parent will change your life forever, and that first year with your baby will fly by so fast. As you prepare to welcome your sweet baby, you might be getting lots of unsolicited advice. The truth is that you will know your baby best, so take all the advice you get with a grain of salt. 

However, today, I want to offer you one piece of advice that means a lot to me. Take the time to capture each of your baby’s precious milestones because it truly does go by so fast. I understand that life’s moments unfold rapidly, which is why this milestone photography guide serves as your essential resource so you can capture all the unforgettable moments during your baby’s first year.

Newborn Photography Session

Your baby is so tiny and so new for such a short time; that’s why it’s so important to capture every tiny detail. Those tiny fingers and toes, the squishy little faces, the locks of impossibly soft hair… document all of it. The newborn stage is so fleeting and so amazing.

If you’re looking for newborn portraits, please contact me while still in your second or third trimester, and aim to have your precious bundle photographed within the first two weeks of life. This timeline is ideal for many reasons, but mostly because they are still so flexible for those adorable poses you probably have in mind, and they sleep so often that the chances of capturing those swoon-worthy sleepy poses are more likely.

 baby milestone photography
studio baby photography

Six-Months Baby Milestone Session

At six months, your baby is starting to explore his or her world, smiling, sitting up, rolling over, becoming more mobile, and showing off their personalities in a big way. While they might not be crawling quite yet, this age is the perfect age to showcase natural poses as they explore and interact with objects such as their favorite toy. 

These sessions are so fun because it’s an opportunity to tell a story through a series of poses and expressions. Furthermore, babies at this age make excellent eye contact, and I’m able to capture those soulful gazes and heartwarming smiles as the eyes take center stage.

 baby milestone photography

First Birthday Cake Smash Session

The time has come: your baby is already one! While you probably have thousands of everyday moments stored on your phone, a one-year milestone is one you don’t want to miss in the studio. This session showcases all the changes your baby has gone through throughout the year and focuses on fun, celebration, and laughter. 

The iconic cake smash session is so enjoyable, as your baby has the opportunity to experience cake, often for the first time, while we capture their curiosity, expressions, and pure joy in that moment. Unlike at home, messes are welcome here! It’s a playful atmosphere and my favorite type of session. The best part? You don’t have to worry about anything. Just tell me what you have in mind, and I will make it come to life, everything from the wardrobe, props, balloons, backdrop, and even a handmade cake to fit your theme made by yours truly.

studio cake smash session
first birthday photography session

Premiere Milestone Photographer In Bismarck, Nd

I’ve experienced firsthand how swiftly time flies as a mother myself, and I know about the importance of cherishing these moments. Few things bring me more joy than revisiting old photos of my daughter as a baby, and that’s the same joy I aim to deliver to all my clients. 

These portraits hold immense significance from the moment they are taken, and their sentimental value only grows with time. Let me help you capture those moments in life you never want to forget. Contact me today to schedule your session.

Milestone photography session near Bismarck
Milestone photography session near Bismarck