Hallie’s Hair Salon in Bismarck, ND

Oct 16, 2023

We have some pretty incredible local businesses in Bismarck, ND. I got to know Hallie, and her amazing service dog Janice, through my Top Dog project. In fact, Janice placed FIRST in this year’s Tog Dog Contest. As I got to know Hallie, I learned that she owned a beloved Bismarck hair salon. She’s such a sweet person inside and out, and I just knew I wanted to interview her for my blog. 

Luckily for us, Hallie took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for me so we could all get to know her and her business more. Meet Hallie and learn how you can book an appointment with her below.

Hallie’s Hair Salon in Bismarck

Hallie’s Hair Salon

Can you share what your business is and how it started?”

I started at Regis in November 2011, and then I opened Hallie’s in September 2012. At first, I was downtown for a year and a half, and I moved to the location I’m at now, and I’ve been here now for about 9 years. I have been working with hair for 12 years in total. My salon specializes in color and cuts. I love helping everyone from children and up. I take pride in helping my clients achieve their hair goals. 

My expertise is in coloring, and I recently obtained my IB Extensions certifications, so I look forward to offering more hair extension services for my clients. 

“What services do you provide?”

Services I provide are from coloring, cuts, waxing, extension installation, and blowouts like pure Brazilian blowouts. I do a lot of weddings and special events. I love doing special occasion styles, makeup with that, and prom styles.

Hallie’s service dog

“What makes your business special?”

I have my service dog, Janice, who is my service dog, and she gets to come to work with me every day. She fills the room with so much happiness, and everybody feels so welcome in my shop. It’s very personal and more of an intimate atmosphere in my salon. 

They get more one-on-one experience with me. It’s a more intimate and personal experience with a welcoming atmosphere.

“What is your business’s vision for the future?”

I’d like to have some more stylists come in because I have 3 chairs upstairs. There were other stylists in here, but since 2020, it’s just been me. 

There’s also a little boutique area in my salon where I sell clothing and some kids’ shirts. I do sell a lot of products as well. My top products are Pureology, Amika, Surface, Matrix, Wella, Sebastian, BedHead, and Kenra. Those are my top sales of shampoos, conditioners, and heat sprays.

Bismarck hair salon
Imaging of Janice

“How can readers support you?”

Please feel free to follow Hallie’s Hair Salon on Facebook here and book an appointment using Vagaro here. You’re always welcome to call me at (701) 426-0871