Benefits of Studio Photography

Oct 26, 2023

Benefits of Studio Photography 

Although it’s not pleasant to think about, ask just about anyone if they could save one thing in a disaster, and they most likely would tell you it’s their photos. Photography, especially of children and families, has a way of preserving moments in time. After my family and pets were safe, I know I would grab any artwork and albums I could grab in the case of a fire. 

With my clients, my goal is to create artwork that is on display in their homes for years and, hopefully, be passed down through the generations. One of the reasons I love studio photography is because of the classic look that it provides. A studio portrait will always stand the test of time and is treasured. While outdoor sessions have their appeal and benefits, the benefits of studio photography can’t be overstated. 

Let’s break down some of the many benefits of studio photography.

6 Benefits of  Studio Photography Session 

  1. Controlled lighting

While outdoor photography offers lovely backdrops, changes in shadows and lighting are unpredictable. Studio photography offers a level of control over lighting, so there are never harsh shadows or uneven lighting, a consistent beautiful look is always achieved. 

  1. Controlled temperature

We all know the weather in Bismarck can be a bit all over the place. An outdoor photoshoot can start off all warm and sunny and then quickly turn chilly and windy. It’s not the ideal scenario for pictures, especially when you’ve got little ones running around with windblown hair and shivering poses that come off as unnatural. A studio provides a controlled environment so you can not only take photos any time of the year, but you’re never at the mercy of unpredictable weather and having to reschedule.

  1. Time Efficiency

I understand how busy life gets, and as a busy family, your time is precious. Studio photo sessions are known for their efficiency. In a studio, you don’t have to worry about the weather or unpredictable outdoor conditions, and you can plan your session around those ever-important nap times. It’s all about getting high-quality family photos without unnecessary delays, making it a perfect option for families with packed schedules. I can even recommend nearby restaurants and fun activities so you can make a day out of your photo session!

  1. Creative Effects

Every family and person is one of a kind, and your photos should reflect that. Studio photography provides a canvas for creative effects, from props to various lighting setups and backdrops. Whether you’re looking for heirloom-type images with a solid white backdrop where your child takes center stage and is the focus or a more dramatic backdrop, your images will ultimately tell your family’s story and evoke emotions that are unique to you.

fall family photographer
  1. Privacy and Comfort

Family photos are most genuine when everyone is comfortable and relaxed, if you have a young child who doesn’t have much “sit,” a studio session offers a private environment where your family can be at ease. This comfortable setting results in natural and confident expressions, creating images that truly reflect your family’s dynamics. 

  1. Cost Considerations

Although you might have the perfect outdoor location picked out, what you might not know is that popular outdoor spaces often require permit fees, and entrance fees, which might catch you by surprise. While these fees can vary, it’s important to consider. Studio sessions offer a more straightforward experience, eliminating any surprises related to permits or outdoor factors.

Studio Photography in Bismarck, ND 

I understand the significance of cherishing moments as a family. Few things bring me more joy than revisiting old photos, and that’s the same joy I aim to deliver to all my clients through our indoor studio sessions. These portraits hold immense sentimental value from the moment they are taken, and their importance only grows with time. Let me help you capture those unforgettable moments in life. 

Contact me today to schedule your indoor studio session and create memories that will last a lifetime.