Stella’s in Bismarck, ND

Apr 29, 2024

Have you been to Stella’s Décor in Bismarck, ND? There’s no better feeling than finding the perfect piece to add to your home or when you step back from your newly decorated space, and it finally feels like home. Stella’s is owned and operated by a mother-daughter duo, Barbara and D’Arcie! 

I asked D’Arcie if she was interested in being interviewed for my blog, and she said yes! When you chat with either of these women, you instantly feel like you’re talking with a long-time friend. I’d love to share our conversation with you.

Meet Stella’s Décor 

Can you share what your business is and how it started?

Stella’s is a home decor and gift store in Bismarck. While I was still living in Minnesota, my mom and I started making jewelry and selling it at craft shows just to have an excuse to meet up and hang out for a weekend. When she was getting ready to retire, my family was moving from Minnesota back to the Bismarck area, so the timing was perfect for us to open our dream store together. 

When we opened in 2015, we opened as Stella’s Stories. We dropped the story so people wouldn’t think we’re a bookstore.

What’s the story behind the name?

My grandma was Stella. She loved to tell you all the history behind different things. When we started selling vintage items, she always told us the story behind them. She was a school teacher, so Stella’s Stories was the perfect name. As we shifted towards more vintage pieces, we decided just to be Stella’s! Sadly, Grandma Stella passed away before we opened, but my grandpa still helps us quite a bit. He’s 94 this year!

What types of products do you have?

We are a mix of home decor and gifts. We started out with a lot more repurposed/vintage items and then grew from there. Our store became so popular that it was hard to keep up with the repurposing portion! Mixing new things with it just seemed like a natural fit, and now we’ve started to go back to that vintage vibe a little bit.

Our vintage items are thoughtfully curated. We have a few pickers that go out looking, and we are always on the hunt. Anytime I take a road trip, like my son’s in travel soccer, I always look at different antique stores, thrift stores, vintage markets, or flea markets. I’ve always got my eye out, looking for new pieces that I think our customers will enjoy.

What are popular products?

There are a few things that stand out to me. Candles are always a great one. Stella’s carries local candle maker Fern Candle. We love partnering with other local businesses. We do carry some leather journals that are really great gift items. People love that they are a hand-stamped leather top with pressed paper inside. They’re so pretty and make a great gift. 

We’ve become known for our floral and green stem selection. We look for quality and price when we are selecting our florals. My mom loves designing vases of florals and greens, so she always encourages customers to bring in their vases. She truly loves helping customers create the perfect centerpiece for their home. 

Who loves to shop with you?

I think the average person likes to decorate their home but is conscious of their budget. We’re here to help DIYers and those who want a little more guidance on what to choose for their home

We’re here to help the everyday shopper who wants a little nicer quality than the big box store and wants personalized attention. Our shoppers are local people who love the unique boutique experience and just like to have that more hands-on service that small businesses like ours offers.

We get people who bring in their pictures or different measurements and ask for guidance on what to do or how to bring their vision to life. You just can’t get that from a big box store or online. Our customers like unique products with quality and affordability in mind.

What makes Stella’s special?

It’s more than a transaction; I feel like I’ve become friends with our customers. That’s what I love: that people connect with me and become friends. I just wrote a letter to one of our customers who took us to a fundraiser, and I shared with her how much I value our friendship. 

In a world where everything can sometimes feel impersonal, it’s important to me to make those connections with our customers. Whether it’s about vacations, family milestones, or simply being there for each other, these moments make our interactions meaningful and memorable. Stella’s is much more than a job to me, and it’s a boutique I’ve created with my mom that has turned into a community of women and friendships.

What is Stella’s vision for the future?

We reduced our hours this year to try and maybe create a little bit more life-work balance. My mom is at retirement age, so I think she wasn’t sure if she’d even like full-time retirement. She’s kind of a hyper person; I think that runs in her family, which is why my grandpa, her father, is 93 and still helping us. 

I think it was a good step back for her to see that she could have a retirement sort of life, but I only have one son, and I only get one chance to be with him. He’ll be 13 this year, so I needed the ability to balance my personal life with work. 

We are exploring ways to increase our online sales and are even considering adding to the team beyond my mom and me. We will see what our future holds!

How can readers support you?

We’d love for them to come in, but I get that that’s sometimes hard. I’m a busy mom, so I totally know. It feels like if you’re not at work, you’re dedicating your life to your kids. If you are an online shopper, you can shop online on our website.

Please feel free to stop by anytime we’re open, even just to see the store and say hello. I would love that! We still offer local pickup, and I’m always willing to meet people outside of our store hours.

216 E. Main Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501

Tues – Fri, 10am – 5:30pm
Saturday, 10am – 4:00pm
Sunday-Monday Closed

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