Nestled in Postpartum in Bismarck, ND

Mar 25, 2024

Bismarck Mamas, there’s someone I want you to meet! It takes a village to raise a family, and Andrea Evinger of Nestled in Postpartum is someone you need in your village. I had only heard about a postpartum doula recently, and after meeting Andrea, I think it’s such a great idea. I asked if she’d be willing to be featured on my website, and she said yes! 

You’re going to love meeting Andrea and learning more about Nestled in Postpartum.

I sure did!

The images below were taken by Regina Martin with Sweet Clover Photography!

Nestled in Postpartum 

Can you share what your business is and how it started?

Nestled in Postpartum is a postpartum doula service that primarily serves Bismarck and Mandan families. I’m slowly branching out and hope to serve rural families as well as small towns more over time. 

All postpartum doulas are a little bit different in what they do, although the main thing is you support the mom and support the family who has a new baby. I’m with my clients throughout the week, offering in-home support during the first three months after the baby is born. Currently, I offer three- and four-hour shifts on weekday evenings and some Saturdays. 

The primary goal of shifts is to support the mom so she can focus on her baby and healing from birth.

What types of services does a postpartum doula provide?

Before the birth, my clients and I will meet to chat about the mom’s priorities and vision for her postpartum experience. Generally, first-time moms don’t know what to expect, so I can offer some ideas and guidance. My veteran moms have been through the postpartum experience before and often know what they need. 


  • meal prep/cooking
  • family support
  • light housecleaning
  • Montessori parenting guidance
  • newborn + postpartum education

While not a trained medical professional, offering supportive care and encouragement is important to me. I want my families to feel comfortable asking me questions or for help with anything they need. I have a growing network of professionals in the area, if the need arises, to refer out for additional support. Sometimes, this can look like lactation services, pelvic floor physical therapy, mental health counseling, birth doula support, photography, childbirth education, craniosacral therapy, meal services, and even housekeeping.

As new parents, we might find ourselves panic-Googling in the middle of the night or when anything seems “wrong,” but I want to be there for my clients so I can either reassure them something is within the range of normal or offer a professional referral. 

I’m also trained in Montessori early childhood. If my families are interested in implementing Montessori into their homes, I can help them begin their Montessori parenting journey. You can begin Montessori with your baby right after he/she is born!

Who does Nestled in Postpartum serve?

My main job as a postpartum doula is to support my families during this beautiful and vulnerable time, all while respecting their parenting choices. 

I have clients who want to breastfeed, formula feed, pump, or a combination of these methods. I personally had struggles with breastfeeding, so I am particularly passionate about supporting breastfeeding mamas. I know what a difference having the right support during the early stages of breastfeeding can make. That being said, I regularly work with families who formula feed as well. As long as it is safe, I am happy to support your feeding goals, whatever that may look like for you and your family. I think your feeding journey should be sustainable in the long run. Baby needs mom to be well. It is important that the mom feels supported and heard no matter her chosen method of feeding.

What does the process look like?

Working with a postpartum doula is a deeply personal experience, so I like to really get to know my clients before I even step foot inside their homes. 

  • In-person or virtual consult – First, I want to hear all about you! How has pregnancy been? What are your fears and hopes for your fourth trimester? Answer questions, and mostly hold space for you. I also share my services, review pricing, and answer any questions. Basically, we want to see if we’re a good fit for each other. This is your chance to interview me over a cup of coffee or your favorite drink, my treat! This consult is complimentary and does not obligate you in any way.
  • Home visit – This is when I come for about an hour to your home and meet your other immediate family members and any pets, get a quick tour of the home, answer remaining questions, create tentative shift schedules, and review my contract. This gives the family a chance to see how they feel about me being inside their home.
  • Hiring: if you wish to hire Nestled in Postpartum after completing the home visit, you sign my contract which includes the agreed upon shift schedule and pay a non-refundable retainer to secure my services.

I offer several packages at various price points. I also offer an a’la carte menu, which allows the family to add more hours and services if desired. 

After your baby is born, you’ll reach out to me, and I’ll plan on coming over as discussed. It’s always so exciting to meet the babies, hear the birth story if the family wants to share it, and ultimately be a part of welcoming this new little life.

What makes Nestled in Postpartum special?

Each of my three postpartum experiences with my children taught me something new. My first postpartum experience was much harder than I had expected. I think no matter what, having a new baby, especially with your first, does present a huge transition. And that looks different for different people because there are so many factors each time you welcome a new baby to your family.

Because I have experienced challenges, I can really empathize with and support and be sensitive to families who are not having the easiest time and want to have a more supported postpartum,

I carry many of the Montessori principles with me, which are respect and deep regard for the infant and the mother; along with that, I believe in the importance of the Montessori principle of preparation of the environment. In the home, this looks like maintaining order, creating rhythms and routines, and promoting a calming atmosphere. All of this aids the family because it reduces stress and can give a sense of stability during what can be an unpredictable time.

How can readers support you?

I’d love for anyone interested to visit my website to learn more or follow me on social media here.

My 2024 Fall waitlist opens soon, so stay tuned if you or someone you know is due this upcoming year. 

I offer a gift certificate program called Gift-a-Shift, which is very popular! You can gift a mom-to-be in your life a few hours of my support. This makes a great baby shower present or a valuable gift to a mama who already has baby gear.