A Guide to Baby Milestone Photography

Jan 24, 2024

“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.” – Author Unknown

As a parent, you’ll receive plenty of unsolicited advice—some valuable, and most of it you can simply acknowledge with a smile and move on. Yet, there’s one recurring message that you’ll encounter, and you know what? It holds true, and that is, time flies.

That’s where baby milestone photography comes in – a powerful and beautiful way to immortalize the growing stages of your baby’s journey. Let’s dive into why it’s so important before I share the top baby milestones to capture inside my Mandan, ND studio.

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The Essence of Milestone Photography

When it comes to capturing your baby’s milestones, the focus is on the pure essence of your baby. We opt for minimal to no props during our sessions. This allows the attention to remain on your baby, delicate features, and growing personality. This approach ensures that the photographs reflect the authentic beauty of your baby during each stage of growth.

Baby milestone photography is a powerful way to freeze each moment, allowing you to revisit and relive the early days of your child’s life. The tangible memories captured in photographs become timeless keepsakes, serving as a testament to the beauty and fleeting nature of parenthood.

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Documenting your baby’s milestones through photography is not just about creating beautiful images. This is about creating a visual narrative of their journey of growth. From those early newborn photos to baby milestones, each snapshot tells a story of your baby’s development. creating a treasured timeline that you can revisit over the years. Clients that work with me for more than one milestone session love to create cohesive artwork, such as heirloom albums that share your baby’s story.

Top Baby Milestones to Photograph

Newborn – Your sweet baby will only be so tiny and so new once. Newborn photos tend to be your baby’s first official portraits! I typically like to capture newborn portraits within 14 days from birth while they’re still very sleepy. Newborn photos can take place within the first three months. During this stage, we can typically capture that sweet swaddled newborn pose.

6 Month (sitter) – So much changes between the day your baby is born until they turn one. The 6 month milestone session is such a great way to hit the pause button and document your baby before they reach toddlerhood. Your sleepy newborn is now a happy baby with the best expressions and squishable rolls. We typically schedule this session between 6 or 7 months to capture your child’s “babyhood.”

1st Birthday/Cake Smash – Your baby is officially turning one! We can create a simple first birthday session or go all out with a custom full-service cake smash session. Either option is a great way to document your baby’s growth from newborn to now. A first year portrait session allows you to pause and celebrate your baby’s first birthday because you’ve grown so much as a parent, too!

These are the most popular baby milestones to capture, but in reality, we can hit the pause button and document your baby at any stage.

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Mandan Baby Milestone Photographer 

I specialize in capturing the precious moments of your little ones. Yes, it goes by way too fast, but photography helps us freeze the moment.

As a mom to a preteen, I look back on my daughter’s baby pictures with a huge smile. That first year is tough with lots of changes, but there are so many beautiful moments too. I want to create stress-free baby milestone portrait sessions. Each session results in heirloom artwork so my clients can always look back on their baby’s first year.

Let’s create memories that will last a lifetime together! If you’re interested in working together, please contact me here.