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Feb 13, 2023

Pregnancy is such a special time in your life. Your body works so hard over nine months to create your sweet baby, so sometimes it’s hard to step back and realize what an incredible miracle is happening right in front of your eyes. Having a maternity photoshoot that results in dreamy portrait artwork will allow you to relive this sweet moment of anticipation in your life. You might not have had professional photos taken since your wedding or even not at all! I wanted to share my best five tips to prepare for the perfect maternity photoshoot. 

5 Tips for the Perfect Maternity Photoshoot 

1. Find Your Dream Maternity Photographer Early – The best time to take maternity photos is around 30-35 weeks. I usually encourage my clients to book as soon as they reach the second trimester to ensure they can get on my calendar. I only take a limited number of sessions per week to provide the full-service experience my clients deserve, so I tend to book up in advance. Research and book your maternity photographer as early as you feel comfortable. 

2. Share Your Vision with Your Photographer – Once you book your photographer, share your vision of the session with them. What type of session are you dreaming of? What do you want to do with these portraits after the session? During my consultation with clients, I love asking these questions so I can create their custom session experience. 


3. Choose Your Wardrobe – Decide what you’d like to wear for your maternity photoshoot. If you include your spouse or children, you’ll need to choose their outfits as well. It depends on your dream maternity shoot, but I usually recommend a dress so that you feel beautiful, and we can show off that bump. As part of my full-service process, clients come shop my studio wardrobe for their maternity gowns. It’s a win-win for my clients since they don’t have to worry about buying a dress they’ll wear once.

4. Pamper Yourself with Hair and Makeup – On the day of the session, treat yourself to professional hair and makeup. By letting a professional handle your hair and makeup, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.  It’ll give you an opportunity to relax and be pampered before your session.  No matter what your pregnancy experience is like, your professional hair and makeup will help you feel confident and beautiful for your photoshoot!

5. Let it All Go and Enjoy Your Experience – My best advice heading into your maternity photoshoot is to just let it all go and enjoy this experience of celebrating. Your body is performing an incredible miracle, and you’re looking forward to meeting your new baby. This is the time to celebrate and enjoy this special moment in your life. 


Bismarck’s Full-Service Maternity Photographer 

As a mom myself, I know how much work pregnancy really is and that you deserve to be pampered and taken care of during the portrait process. My full-service maternity photoshoot process takes care of my clients. I want to ensure you have a beautiful and stress-free experience. If you have any questions or want to schedule your consultation with me, please send me a message here.


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